Enabling large-scale compliance with an agile product launch

Recent government regulations are changing the industry of inbound caller traffic. Elyon facilitated a rapid, iterative product launch for industry experts, enabling companies to comply with the new standards.

August, 2023 / 1 month
Product Design & Development
UX and Product Design
Software Architecture
New government regulations were disrupting the inbound caller traffic industry, presenting challenges and opportunity for a new product.
Elyon launched a streamlined MVP webapp integrated with a popular dialer called Trackdrive and built a landing page within a month for the initial launch.

Rapid and iterative

As veterans in the start up world, we are quite familiar with the importance of timing when capitalizing on an opportunity. For the industry built around inbound caller traffic and the lead generation and sales that come out of this, new government regulations were going to soon present major obstacles and force change. Together with the founding industry experts, we ensured that Callpliance would be poised to solve these new challenges.

Within one month, Elyon launched a streamlined MVP including:

✓ TrackDrive integration

✓ Modern, dynamic form, snappy and responsive, end to end integration.

✓ Compliant SMS to dialer to form and back integration

✓ Admin functionality to manage all of the above

This enabled the team to test their product idea with their first client. Following this, we built out expanded to multiple dialers, launched a modern web app for clients to manage their forms and view their data and continued to build out Admin functionality, bringing Callpliance into a fully fledged, monetized product!

Technical strategy

The initial implementation focused on supporting one specific Dialer (TrackDrive). In order to expand the application and work with a variety of use cases, we needed to find a time and cost effective way of supporting multiple dialers.

Taking advantage of the fact that the Callpliance team was quite technically versed (as opposed to many non-technical users), we exposed a JSON schema validated admin input that was very flexible. Although this required some technical knowledge, the client was happy with the remedy, and that it was then straightforward to integrate with any dialer.

Better Base: introducing quality + speed

Elyon's rapid product launches and iterations for Callpliance is powered by our in-house starter kit of components, code base and design system. This enables us to produce high quality quickly, setting up Callpliance to handle rapid growth and scaling with a quality software architecture already set up to handle complex user needs and data needs.

There's no better satisfaction for us techies than knowing we've given our client an awesome start for long-term success!

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