Personalized, expert services to help your team ship delightful solutions

Design and development expertise

Whether you have been hindered by cumbersome technology or you're looking to launch a fresh product, we have you covered.

UX research, strategy and design

Research studies, product strategy, wireframing, and design.

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Tap into Hayley's experience as expert UX designer and fractional CPO

Enterprise Software Architecture

Technical feasibility, strategy to scale, data architecture and roadmaps.

Connect with Micah

Tap into Micah's trade as expert Python Django developer and  fractional CTO

Product Development

Software development, high-fidelity design, and implementation. Full fledged product launch.

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Custom Software Build

Let us partner with your for a successful product or software launch with product exploration and design, software architecture, and full implementation.

UX and Product Design

Strategy, research and design, all things product and UX!

UX Optimisation and Redesign

Identify key issues in your product and design for success.

Cloud consulting and services

Set up and optimize your cloud infrastructure.

Embedded software team

Keep your system at its best with our top software devs. Ongoing feature implementation, maintenance, and code upgrades.

User research

Discover your power users and how to address their needs.

Robust error monitoring

Set up proper testing and monitoring to ensure you system runs smoothly.

Data science services

Clean up your data pipeline, optimize queries, and cut storage costs.

Embedded product team

Ongoing user research, strategy and design to optimize your product.

Quality delivery comes from a clean process

Every client is unique, so we always start with understanding the goals and constraints. We explore a range of ideas so we can quickly identify dead-ends, what’s feasible, and ultimately the most elegant paths.

Diagram illustrating how Elyon Technologies begins a product with UX design, moves into software architecture, and then product development.

Software Maintenance

We stand by our products. We will create a custom post-launch strategy to maintain a healthy product, launch new features, and keep the software running at it’s best. We both fully maintain these systems or train in-house developers to maintain. Whatever floats your boat.