Software Architecture, Design & Development

Bring your vision to reality with software architecture, design and development

Delivering an Enterprise-Grade MVP on a Tight Deadline

Advana needed an enterprise-grade software system in the form of a self-serve customer-facing portal. That portal needed to present the ability for customers to create complex DOOH and micro-market campaigns, which involved building software to communicate with and tie logic together from together several disparate systems.

Product Design & Development
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"Strategic planners"

Elyon Technologies spent time caring about the actual deliverable rather than jumping into projects without a strategy. We spent time on planning as well as thinking through alternatives.

Drew Nichols
Founder/CEO @ Palmetto Park Realty
"Hardworking, intelligent, innovative and reliable"

The work by Elyon Technologies enabled our data and advertising services to really take off. Micah and Hayley are brilliant, hard-workers, and embody every element of the American Dream. They always delivered on time and with even more value than what was scoped. They are all extremely intelligent, innovative, and have a good sense of business street smarts. They won’t waste your time and or money.

Michael Stack
Manager of Data Science & Engineering @ 365 Retail Markets
"Can't recommend Hayley and Elyon enough!"

Hayley and the team at Elyon are truly best in class. Hayley is a talented designer, she works quickly and communicates clearly. The team takes the time and care to thoroughly understand the business use case in order to develop the most effective design and functional product on time, and within budget. Can't recommend Hayley and Elyon enough.

Janet Meier
Founder, Managing Partner @ Montecito Digital
"I will never use a development team other than them."

Their creative ability to think outside the box in order to achieve desired result is paramount. There were a few instances that things could have cost 3x the amount, but they are respectful and realistic about what can be done while making creative paths to the finish line.

Hillary Hobson
Chief Operations Officer @ GVG Capital
"Get to the heart of the matter with Elyon"

Micah was SO incredibly helpful for my dev team. I sat in on the meeting between him and our lead developer and it was pure joy to see his mind go to task, ask questions, listen very well and get to the heart of the matter in a short period of time. We hired several developers before Micah came in and he gave us some secret sauce for implementing celery beat to save our day. He even helped write some pseudocode that got us to a good start. The guys had to listen to the meeting a second time because there was so much good material for us.

Graham Quigley
Founder/CEO @ Accubliss
Micah and Hayley happy together (they're married)
The Elyon Approach

Design & development together

Elegant software needs both great design and great architecture, just like you need two wings to fly.

There’s a time for efficient template builds, and a time for innovation. Our experience and customer focus helps us know the difference.
About Elyon


Scaleable solutions with software development and UX design

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Custom Software Build

Let us partner with your for a successful product or software launch with product exploration and design, software architecture, and full implementation.

UX and Product Design

Strategy, research and design, all things product and UX!

UX Optimisation and Redesign

Identify key issues in your product and design for success.

Cloud consulting and services

Set up and optimize your cloud infrastructure.

Embedded software team

Keep your system at its best with our top software devs. Ongoing feature implementation, maintenance, and code upgrades.

User research

Discover your power users and how to address their needs.

Robust error monitoring

Set up proper testing and monitoring to ensure you system runs smoothly.

Data science services

Clean up your data pipeline, optimize queries, and cut storage costs.

Embedded product team

Ongoing user research, strategy and design to optimize your product.

We cater our approach to what's best for your business.

Proven work across industries

We have experience launching technologies across industries and platforms.

Generative AI products

Saas (Software as a service)

Slack bots

Trading bots

Real estate tech

Administrative systems

Landing pages

Custom solutions

A custom process to design and build

We prioritize meeting your unique business and user needs to maximize your success.

Pay as you go or fixed price.

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Diagram illustrating how Elyon Technologies begins a product with UX design, moves into software architecture, and then product development.
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Why Choose Elyon?

We prioritize meeting your unique business and user needs to maximize your success.

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Unparalleled expertise
We have a deep bench of expertise on a broad range of enterprise SaaS use cases and technologies. From front to back-end. Chances are we’ve seen and solved your problem before leveraging best practices. (history of successful product launches)
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Direct and immediate communication
Our lean agency model means you get to work directly with our founding designer and software architect, getting instant access to principals for “bouncing ideas” getting updates, and quick decision-making. Keep your project on track without delays.
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Seamless project management
We actually invest up front to understand your business requirements so we can elegantly translate them into appropriate technical and creative designs. We apply the same discipline and communication through the project, so there will never be any surprises.
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Flexibility and cost-effectiveness
We are transparent with our cost model, and offer both pay-as-you go and fixed price options. Only pay for what you need. Switch at any time.

When you choose Elyon, you’re choosing a partner and a team

Your partners in technology

Meet our curated collection of smart people who get stuff done.

About Elyon
Photo of Hayley Lyle
Hayley Lyle
Co-CEO / Chief UX Designer
Photo of Micah Lyle
Micah Lyle
Co-CEO / Chief Software Architect
Photo of Melissa Carr
Melissa Carr
Software Engineer
Photo of Alex Freeman
Alex Freeman
Software Engineer

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UX research, strategy and design

Research studies, product strategy, wireframing, and design.

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Tap into Hayley's experience as expert UX designer and fractional CPO

Enterprise Software Architecture

Technical feasibility, strategy to scale, data architecture and roadmaps.

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Tap into Micah's trade as expert Python Django developer and  fractional CTO

Product Development

Software development, high-fidelity design, and implementation. Full fledged product launch.

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